There’s a part of the Refuge that is like a rain forest. Yesterday the squirrels there were so busy being “squirrely” they paid us humans tromping through no mind. They were literally underfoot getting frisky with each other. Maybe they’re beginning to hear the call of Spring and “that” time of year. This one was poking through the ground litter for food.

I use Google+ as my social media thing. They suck up all your photos so you can share them. They have a feature called “photo awesome” that applies little effects to pictures that their algorithms compute to have specific qualities. So in winter any outdoor picture with a lot of white gets animated “snowflakes.” Cute…and annoying, IMHO. But I do like the feature that takes a series of similar stills and automatically creates a gif with them. So when I came across the squirrel I knew if I used multiple exposures I’d get a little cartoon. It seemed appropriate.


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