This is my wife and love of my life, Marilynn. This pic was taken — as you might gather — on a chilly, windy day at the Tualatin River Refuge a few months ago. She’s not quite the refuge-hound that I am, but she increasingly accompanies me on my prowls of the local area in search of birds to photograph. The nice thing about the Beaverton area is that there are many parks and “nature areas” that are close-by and quite accessible. I’m really looking forward to Spring (not far away now) when we can spend time enjoying these outdoor areas together.


6 thoughts on “MEET MY “BETTER HALF””

  1. David: What a wonderful idea and method of sharing your experiences as a volunteer at TRNWR. I have only visited there twice but loved it. Great pic of Marilynn. Thanks for your thoughtfulness in creating and sharing this especially the photos and videos. Kaaren Graham

      1. I will definitely take you up on that as I need the exercise for one thing. I will come prepared with camera and binocs. Thanks a million. Maybe Marilynn could join me???

      2. Yes, maybe we could set it up. Marilynn is out of town this week taking care of family business in California. We’ll talk about it when she gets back.

        On Wednesday, March 5, 2014, My Tualatin River Refuge wrote:


  2. Hi David, Your blog is terrific and I love all the photos! This is a great photo of Marilynn, who is smiling serenely even in the midst of rain and wind :)

    THANKS for sharing!

    Jim Baumberger

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