grass leaves with dropsThere’s a funny thing about working with kids: you end-up being schooled by them. As you take them on the trails at the wildlife refuge they ask question for which you have no answer; they expose holes in your perception of a place you’ve perhaps come to take for granted; and then they leave you shaking your head about how much more there is to learn.

Yesterday I spent the longest time I’ve ever taken examining the refuge and taking pictures until my camera battery was dead. What’s that? Why is that? What am I not seeing or knowing about what’s happening here? It was partly the result of leading  some second-graders last week with other naturalists. Some naturalists were full of lore I didn’t know  about the plants and animals we saw along the way.

So I’ve become kind of preoccupied with…grass. I took  over 150 pictures of plants, mainly grasses. I think the grass family is an under appreciated group of plants.  But they’re hard to learn about because they look a lot alike, and the differences among them take some close scrutiny. We’ll see.


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