A couple of months ago I posted a video of a Great Blue Heron having two garter snakes for lunch. But things don’t always go so well for the big bird.

Yesterday (after joining with an ample team of fellow Volunteer Naturalists to host  two big yellow bus-loads of third-graders (!) for a tour of the refuge), I took a walk on the south side of the refuge that’s open this time of year.

Ah, it was so serene out there by myself with only the whisper of the wind. Then I spotted a Blue Heron moving in slow stealth mode to snatch edibles out of a water channel. But it had crossed into the territory of a pugnacious Red-winged Blackbird that was giving the big guy a very hard time. Watch.




    1. Oh my! I just saw this, David. I wonder if Mr. Blackbird was protecting a nest from Mr. Heron. If so, he sure did it effectively … and in a very timely fashion for you to catch this little drama on video. Thanks!


      1. Yeah, Roland, the video was shot in June, and I think it was the height of the nesting period. Red-wings are not shy about protecting their turf. A few minutes after the Heron encounter I started back towards the parking lot and another Red-wing in a bush caught my eye. As I videoed it, it barked at me with its really sharp chirp. Finally it flew straight at me and whizzed past my left ear. “You’been warned, mister!”

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