READY 2Last weekend I participated in a work party for the Tualatin River Refuge. It was another session of pulling plastic protective tubes off of ash trees that had outgrown them.

I did something similar a couple of months ago, but Saturday’s project was a bit more challenging. A couple of months ago the grass was maybe 10 inches high; yesterday it was 3 to 5 feet. There were thistles 6 feet tall. And Himalayan Blackberries (aka, Armenian Blackberries, these days) had sent out thorny vines up to 10 feet long from under the trees. So, pictured above is a volunteer who was well prepared for the task; he brought a brush ax!

Not everything was prickly, however. There were some wildflowers, delicate and pretty as ever.

After we finished the job, we drove down to the Tualatin River just south of where we were working. To get to the river we pushed through a stand of Reed Canary Grass at least a foot taller than I am. Yet, in the midst of the towering grass we spotted a little Chorus Frog. It looked pretty vulnerable in an environment I know has plenty of predators.


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