What a coincidence. I learned the wonders of Azolla just a couple of months ago and have been raving about it ever since. While researching Azolla I found that there is a research group at Duke University, headed by Kathleen Pryer, seeking crowdsourced funding to sequence the Azolla genome.

Well, how could I not support Azolla research? So I contributed a modest amount to get them closer to their goal. It turns out that their first goal was reached before the cut-off, so they’re asking for a little more. Now they’ll sequence not just Azoll but the bacteria associated with it as well. Remember, cyanobacteria in a symbiotic relation with Azolla enable it to extract nitrogen directly from the air, an ability that enables the little fern to increase its biomass at an enormous rate.

If you want to contribute too, go to the Azolla Project donation site on


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