Some really wonderful photographs have been taken on the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. You can see every barb on the feathers of birds in many pictures.

I take my camera every time I go to the refuge (Rule #1 of refuge visiting: Always take your camera and your binoculars. If you don’t you’ll be sorry.) Mostly I take stills that are adequate for the purposes of this blog if not for display alongside more professional-style work.

Sometimes, however, there are qualities of the refuge I notice that compel me to turn on the video function. When I see trees or grass blowing in the wind or clouds scooting across the sky I want to capture the motion I experience when taking it all in. A few seconds of a bird twitching around says something about its nature I can’t capture in a single photo.

So this brief little video is a few of the little clips I’ve taken strung together. See what you think.



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