While running an errand today I decided to stop by Fanno Creek Trail not far from home to see what’s up. I’ve learned there’s quite a lot to see along the many creek bottoms and winter wetlands here in Beaverton. Earlier this year I filmed a Heron eating snakes and spotted concrete evidence of busy beavers there.

So to say I was unprepared for what I saw is a bit of understatement. The place looked like it had been cleared for a new condo development. The thickets of shrubs, grasses, and willows along the trail were…GONE! Or almost. Only a small proportion of the plants remained, some of them flagged to spare them from the reaper.

fanno creek 2

I finally spotted a little sign saying that the Tualatin Hills Parks and Recs Dept is rehabilitating the area for more natural plants. No kidding! I saw bulldozer tracks. “Take no prisoners!”

I can’t be opposed to tearing out the introduced plants run-wild and replacing them with natives. The upside will be watching the process of replanting and new plants finding their place. That should be interesting. I think it’s appropriate to say, “Watch this space.”




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