Last week we had a really exciting extended education session on one of my favorite topics: fungi. Volunteer Phil Molzhan has taken photographs for years on the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. He is both a fungi expert and an expert macro photographer. So he’s able to get great pictures of fungi that range from saucer-size to pin-head.

Phil commented that mushrooms don’t get a lot of attention on the refuge. My sentiments exactly. But when you see the amazing variety of shapes, sizes and behaviors of these simple organisms (they comprise their own life domain right there with plants and animals) you realize amazing living stuff resides in nooks and crannies all over the refuge, largely unnoticed.

So that gave me the inspiration to dig through my files for the mushroom photos I’ve taken. I don’t know their names, but with these things it’s the funny shapes that matter.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2 thoughts on “THE FUNGUS AMONG US”

  1. Great article and photos, David. I agree about the shapes being interesting, but I also think color is another intriguing factor. I once came across a bright red fungi when walking my dog.

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