Fellow Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge Volunteer Naturalist, Roland Begin, and his buddy, Michael Drewry, took a trip up the Columbia looking for Bald Eagles said to be there. They found them and came back with some great pictures. They gave me permission to post them to this blog. Yeah! Who can resist eagles? Roland’s message is quoted below followed by Mike’s pictures in a slide show.

Hi, everyone …

My photographer/hiking buddy and I went up the Columbia R. yesterday to look for eagles on the Klickitat River, near Lyle, WA. There were about 15 adult and juvenile bald eagles hanging out near the mouth of the river ….  watching the salmon and steelhead (and the people watching them..:-) .. and occasionally letting out a screech or two (the eagles, not the people..:-))  After enjoying that scene for awhile, we then drove up the river a short ways and found a great spot along a wide place in the river .. with lots of fish swimming around above the gravel beds there .. and, yes, a family of eagles in the oaks and pines above as well. Not another person around, but us .. and the eagles and the fish.

And then … the two adults took off in a courting flight (really more of a dance) that went on for countless minutes, with them soaring up and down and around in tandem above us. T’was magnificent. I’ve attached below some of the pics from the trip.  Enjoy …
Warm regards .. ~roland

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