This morning while my wife, Marilynn, and I were easing into the day with coffee, we heard a brief, loud metallic vibrating sound — BRRRRRR!–  in the direction of our kitchen.

I don’t usually get up to check out strange sounds because they turn out to be nothing, But this was weird. We went into the kitchen and again, BRRRRRR!. What was it, pipes?

No, it sounded like it was coming from the stove or hood. Whaaa? I put my head near the oven and waited. Another brrrrrr, but it sounded farther away. I happened to glance up and out the glass doors to the outside just in time to see a pretty large, tan-ish bird swoop over the common area lawn and toward the trees of our opposite neighbor.

Ahh, ha! We went to the windows and I grabbed my binoculars. Sure enough, two Northern Flicker’s were clinging to a fir tree and doing a kind of ’round-and-’round dance on the trunk. It was either two males doing some kind of competitive display or a male and female in courtship.

The sound had been one of them drumming on the metal cover over the hood vent on the roof.

Ahh, Spring!


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