Marilynn and I spent the afternoon at Greenway Park in Beaverton. Lovely, clear, crisp autumn day. I was practicing using eBird to record the birds I can identify. My wife was busy engaging the dogs and their owners that frequent the trails there. I did a little video compilation (30 sec.) of a few stills and video bits I recorded.

The interesting thing is that the parks and recs department has adopted a new policy regarding the beavers that inhabit Fanno Creek that runs through the park: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Beavers are determined to dam Fanno Creek, and, instead of tearing down the dams and moving the beavers (a fruitless task) they let the beavers do their thing (this is Beaverton, Oregon, after all). Consequently, the center of the park is now a pretty big and seasonally variable lake. A little video in the clip shows one dam. The “frisbee golfers” are not happy because it really messes up their course, but everybody else seems okay with it, especially the beavers.

Greenway Park has become my favorite place to look for birds. It’s close to my home and — thanks to the beavers — the park has a really substantial wetlands full of birds and other creatures.



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