In the last couple of weeks I’ve done two educational events for TRNWR out in east Portland. I was joined by Allyssa Morris, a visiting Fish and Wildlife Service staff person from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. She’s only around for two weeks, and getting out to some of our traveling roadshows is part of getting familiar with how we do community education programs here.


The first one was the University of Portland’s Children’s Clean Water Festival. It was the festival’s 20th year bringing in kids from local elementary and middle schools to see exhibits about maintaining clean water. The campus is really beautiful. I hadn’t been there before.

We had 162 kids in five waves. One thing I find interesting– and a reason I like doing these events–is that, when you see over a hundred children come by your table in five hours, you certainly see an enormous range of development, personality, and background all at once. It’s fun being with the kids…and then they all go home.


The second event was yesterday at the Scott Elementary School. This time we went from classroom to classroom with our kit of animal pelts and skulls. So, five 20-minute presentations with maybe two minutes in between. This was certainly a diverse set of children reflecting the mix of families living in eastern Portland. We were assigned a great student host, Adrianna (first picture), to help us get around and stay on time.


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