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Images of the Tualatin River Refuge and it’s features such as wetlands, forest, river

Women’s March on Portland 2017

My wife, Marilynn, her daughter, Lisa, and I participated in the Women”s March on Washington, Portland. What an event!

It was hard to tell at ground level, but the 100,000 estimated attendance was WAY beyond what was expected. I can testify that the crowd was upbeat, friendly, peaceful…and rain-soaked.

Below is a two-minute video of my perspective at the event. It’s short because I forgot to shut off my wi-fi and cell data so my battery died half way through. But I think it gives the flavor of the activity.



Marilynn got me a feeder last Christmas. So this year I’m participating in the Cornell University Ornithology’s Project FeedeerWatch. You calendar some times from November 12 through April 17 to watch the birds that come into your feeder area. Each observation session takes place on two consecutive days and then not again for at least five days. How long you watch is up to you. I’m doing two hours per morning today and tomorrow. Then you upload your data to Cornell’s database. It’s real citizen science, and the data is used in real published studies.

There wasn’t a lot of activity out my backdoor today. I guess even birds get off to a slow start on Mondays. But I did get a couple of pictures of a Song Sparrow on my fence.

It’s not too late to join in. Just see the instruction at: birds,



A couple of months back I did a little video of the removal of some young oaks on a section of the TRNWR to make room for the rest of them to grow to full stature. Fellow naturalist, Ruthanne, and I got to puzzling over some features of the many galls on the downed trees that we hadn’t thought about before.

That got me reading about galls, and I thought I’d put what I learned into an informational video here. The reading (a lot), gathering pictures, using software, recording the script, etc., took more time than I thought. But I’ve finished the first part.

Have a look. I hope it’s worthwhile.


Last evening we had our annual Halloween public event at the Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge. There were fun activities like story-telling, dissecting owl “pellets”, mask making, and bat and owl exhibit. Me, I had the important job of putting ladybug stickers on the kid’s hands. Then I took a group families out for a hike on the refuge…in the dark.

Before it began the sunset was beautiful and waves of geese were executing landings in the new and enlarged pond in front of the store, Nature’s Overlook. I didn’t come prepared to take pictures, but the sight and sounds were so beautiful I whipped out my phone and grabbed a couple of minutes. I call the cacophony of the geese “refuge music”.