Words cannot express how proud I am to be a resident of Beaverton, Oregon.

As the disgusting news of events in Charlottesville, VA, streamed in last Saturday, my spirits dropped lower and lower. I kept asking myself: What’s happened to the America I grew up in, the America I was proud of?

Fortunately, my wife, Marilynn, and I had plans to attend the Beaverton Friday Night Market that same evening. This is an event designed to celebrate the growing diversity and many cultures of the populace of this growing region.

The minute we arrived my spirits began to rebound. The video below is a string of pictures and little video clips grabbed during our time at the event. ¬†They’re a small piece of what was going on there. My favorites are images of all the kids interacting joyfully.

This is the way to deal with diversity.

Beaverton Night Market 2017 from David Collin on Vimeo.


Commonwealth Park


Sometimes when I start out to do a video it becomes quite a project. Besides shooting it, I get involved in trying out new effects. Sometimes that leads me to a circuitous route of learning new software and problem-solving.

¬†That’s the case with this video. The front part of it, the first minute, took way longer than I expected. But, sooner or later you come to the point where you say, “done”. It’s time to move on to something else.
I like to do video for two reasons: One, there are thousands of pictures of virtually every kind of bird out on the Internet, and I can’t do a better job than those talented photographers. Two, every bird has a kind of personality, and I think I can capture that better with even a few seconds of watching it twitch around.
So here’s some video I took at a local park. I hope you enjoy it.