Commonwealth Park


Sometimes when I start out to do a video it becomes quite a project. Besides shooting it, I get involved in trying out new effects. Sometimes that leads me to a circuitous route of learning new software and problem-solving.

 That’s the case with this video. The front part of it, the first minute, took way longer than I expected. But, sooner or later you come to the point where you say, “done”. It’s time to move on to something else.
I like to do video for two reasons: One, there are thousands of pictures of virtually every kind of bird out on the Internet, and I can’t do a better job than those talented photographers. Two, every bird has a kind of personality, and I think I can capture that better with even a few seconds of watching it twitch around.
So here’s some video I took at a local park. I hope you enjoy it.

Women’s March on Portland 2017

My wife, Marilynn, her daughter, Lisa, and I participated in the Women”s March on Washington, Portland. What an event!

It was hard to tell at ground level, but the 100,000 estimated attendance was WAY beyond what was expected. I can testify that the crowd was upbeat, friendly, peaceful…and rain-soaked.

Below is a two-minute video of my perspective at the event. It’s short because I forgot to shut off my wi-fi and cell data so my battery died half way through. But I think it gives the flavor of the activity.